Bespoke Makaton Workshops


Curious about what we offer? Our taster sessions are perfect for those who want to get a taste of our Makaton workshops or explore our other services. These sessions are designed to give you a glimpse into the incredible world of communication and its potential in connecting communities.

These short 2-hour sessions give you a general introduction into what Makaton is and who uses it, with the opportunity to learn approximately 30 signs and symbols.

Tailoring our services to meet your specific needs, our customised word lists provide personalised communication tools for individuals and organisations.

Cost: £20 per person.

Watch My Needs

This workshop is designed for adults who are beginning to experience difficulties with understanding and recall, after having good understanding, recall and use of language. The Watch My Needs Workshop is for direct use with adults with memory difficulties, who should attend the workshop sessions with a supporter. We have also had success with those who are living with aphasia after suffering a stroke.

This workshop is the first of its kind as it will focus on the Makaton user at the centre of the programme, with the aims of promoting independence, gaining confidence in making choices and taking part in daily activities. There is no requirement for anyone attending this workshop to have any prior knowledge of Makaton.

The workshop is designed to take place in 5 weekly sessions of 90 minutes each, ideal for care homes, home support and families.

We offer this workshop online or face to face. This workshop is also suitable for workplace training as a one day workshop.

Cost:  £50 per person accompanied by their carer or family support person (includes manual, resources and certificate).

Cost for one day workplace training: £50 per person (includes manual and certificate)

Frontline Workshop

We are living in times where clear communication is not just essential; it’s life-saving.

Introducing the first 2 modules:

Frontline Workshop for Emergency Services

Frontline Workshop for General Wellbeing

What can you expect?

  • A deep dive into Makaton signs and symbols, bridging communication gaps in critical situations
  • A 3-hour session tailored just for the frontline, enabling effective engagement in high-stress environments
  • Boost inclusion and awareness

The Frontline Workshop equips participants with the skills to use and incorporate Makaton signs and symbols effectively in real-world situations relevant to their workplace. Our primary goal with the Frontline Workshop is to empower Makaton users, ensuring they can communicate effectively during crisis situations.

The workshop encompasses vocabulary that resonates with a wide range of frontline services. This ensures that participants emerge with the confidence and understanding required for impactful communication.

Cost: £80 per person face to face or online (includes manual and certificate)

Using Makaton with Singing

Combining the power of Makaton and music, our Makaton and Singing workshops provide a unique and enjoyable experience for participants. Tap into the joy of music, while simultaneously enhancing communication skills through signing and singing together.

Using Makaton with Singing is a fun and easy way to learn to use signs with singing for young children.  Signing and singing have been shown to encourage the development of communication and language skills and are beneficial for vocalisation, confidence, social skills, emotional development, well-being and self-esteem.

Designed for those have no prior knowledge of Makaton, Using Makaton with Singing is provided as a half-day workshop for Early Years practitioners, parents, teachers, classroom assistants, and community musicians working with young children.  You will learn up to 100 signs and have fun practising them in songs adapted for different levels of ability.

You will receive a Using Makaton with Singing workshop manual which includes the signs and symbols that you have learned. You will also be given a certificate of attendance.

Cost: £37.50 face to face or online.

Use It or Lose It

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun! We believe in the power of communication and the importance of keeping skills alive. That’s why we’ve developed a range of engaging activities and tools to help you level up your communication skills, maintain what you’ve learned, and stay connected with others.

With our Use It Or Lose It programme, you’ll have access to fun and interactive activities designed for all levels – from beginners to advanced users. Whether you’re practicing your signs, improving your symbol recognition, or sharpening your overall communication abilities, we’ve got you covered.

Cost: £4.50 per person.

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