Makaton for Businesses

Fostering inclusivity, enhancing communication

Welcome to Makaton for businesses and organisations, where we champion inclusivity and accessibility in public spaces. This initiative is dedicated to creating welcoming environments where individuals of all abilities can fully participate and have their needs met.

Makaton Aware

What is Makaton Aware?

Makaton Aware is an innovative initiative committed to breaking down communication barriers and ensuring that everyone feels valued and understood. We aim to establish a network of inclusive spaces, including businesses, community settings, visitor attractions, and everyday services where individuals of diverse backgrounds can thrive. It’s ideal for those looking to promote inclusivity without the need for extensive training.

Join Makaton Aware for just £50 per year.

Makaton Friendly

What is Makaton Friendly?

Makaton Friendly is a partnership programme designed to make organisations and community spaces more accessible to Makaton users. It involves comprehensive training and support to ensure partners can effectively accommodate the needs of Makaton users. To participate in the programme, organisations are required to have a Premium Group Membership, which provides access to additional resources and support essential for maintaining Makaton Friendly environments.

For more information head over to the Makaton Charity website

Makaton Places

Get listed on Makaton Places!

At TALKmoreCORNWALL CIC, we’re dedicated to fostering inclusivity and enhancing communication for individuals of all abilities.

Makaton Places, by the Makaton Charity, encompasses both Makaton Aware and Makaton Friendly organisations across the country. These organisations aim to create welcoming environments where everyone’s voice is heard and understood, boosting inclusion and accessibility for all.

Type in your postcode, then select your address and a maximum distance to find Makaton Places near to you.

Benefits for businesses

Being Makaton Aware is a great first step on your Makaton journey. It enables Makaton Users, their family, friends, and carers to feel confident in choosing your products and services broadening your appeal and extending your client base. 

Benefits for education, health and social care providers

Creating a Makaton friendly environment helps schools and providers of health and social care to better serve Makaton Users and improve outcomes. It can also assist in meeting your accessibility and inclusivity targets.

Improving staff motivation and retention

Investing in your team by empowering them to learn Makaton generates good will and enhances job satisfaction. Your staff gain a powerful new life skill and in return you can gain loyalty and enthusiasm.

Strengthen community ties

The Makaton Friendly programme helps individuals who struggle to communicate feel welcome and included within the wider community, just like everyone else.

Recognition & Reward

The Makaton Charity promotes Makaton Aware and Friendly organisations through their website, newsletters, and local Tutor networks. They will provide Partners with assets and guidance to create interest with the local press, for use in advertising and to display on site. It is a unique selling point which sets you apart and demonstrates you care.

At TALKmoreCORNWALL CIC we will be able to support you locally with training, consultancy and events to promote using Makaton in your business.

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