Makaton Friendly Status

TALKmoreCORNWALL CIC is now Makaton Friendly!

Saskia and I are pleased to announce that we are now Makaton Friendly.

But what does this mean?

  • It means that  we will strive to make our services accessible for people who use Makaton to support their communication. Ensuring the people who use Makaton, feel at ease when visiting us.
  • It means that  we understand and appreciate that different people use alternative ways to communicate. They may use speech, signs, symbols or electronic devices to support or instead of spoken language.
  • It means that we will provide a supportive and welcoming environment so that people who have learning or communication difficulties, old or young, can take part in the services that we offer.
  • It means that we  will use some Makaton symbols and signs to label important areas around the organisation.
  • It means that we will promote Makaton in your local community, hold fundraising and information events, as well as signpost relevant queries to The Makaton Charity for further information.
  • It means that we are all about helping people to communicate! The
  • ability to communicate opens up a whole new world of possibilities for people and helps them participate in everyday activities that can often be taken for granted.

Help us to make sure that everyone is included in the local community.

We are passionate about communication and firmly believe that all children and adults with learning or communication difficulty should be able to access the same services and facilities.

If you want to know how to become a Makaton Friendly organisation, contact us or check out this helpful webpage: