Makaton Choir / Workshop Helper

Here are some of the general types of volunteer activity we need!

  • help registering singers on arrival and signing out on departure
  • a kind adult presence in the rehearsal room to help singers who may be new, feel ill and need someone to call home to collect them, have lost their music etc
  • making phone calls to check singer’s attendance for key events, take phone calls from other parents who may be running late
  • be a point of contact at the busy onset of rehearsals via text, email etc (usually go to the directors who can be tied up in rehearsals and so messages sometimes can get delayed responses)
  • be a friendly face for any new parents
  • chaperoning to performances
  • front of house for concerts
  • fundraising champions for events

Here are a few of the more ‘specific’ types of help we need:

  • contacts with printers for flyers, t-shirts etc
  • help staging and setting up venues
  • photographers, amateur or professional
  • help with workshop and choir catering etc
  • designers for flyers, posters etc